With Label Video Platform, LabelCloud and LabelPlayer as a fully managed service, we are able to pull together different combinations of feature for a wide array of live video innovations forge securely for our customers


Secure Login

New user registration can be done by choosing login with email or username, or Single Sign-On (SSO) using social media to check-in. Admin can also choose to disable the registration process and only permit known users to sign in to our video platform.

User Authentication

Some customers require strong authentication to satisfy their own IT policy. At Label Broadcast, we have a set of methods to validate authorised users including strong password checker, 2FA token, Google reCAPTCHA, Single Session User, Session Management and more.

Admin Dashboard

Simple and interactive dashboard is available for System Admin or Manager to update, create, reset and delete user status and profiles in our video platform. We include setting the correct role and permission per users' rights level. Activity Log is provided for Admin to track unauthorised login and debug user related matters.

Custom Layout

Whether you need to watch single stream or multi-streams at the same time, we can configure the appearance of our event micro site and our video dashboard from our growing templates to match your brand and business use case.

Notification Alert

Nothing short of surprise. System Admin can send out system wide announcement (e.g. planned maintenance) within our video platform or via email registry that are visible to all active users.

SSL Encryption

Our pages are accessed securely via HTTPS connection between our web server and user browser. Essentially this means a malicious actor who is monitoring the session, cannot simply read all sensitive information requests and responses.

High Performance Cloud Video Router

LabelCloud is a complete SaaS media management server supporting a wide range of IP video and audio protocols and codecs for TV broadcast, audial-visual production and real-time media workflows and delivery network.

One key function is providing smooth and reliable media ingesting, recording, transcoding and publishing processes for different type of concurrent connections. 

Deep Analytics Reporting

LabelCloud reporting tool features many performance statistics and real-time data setup. Peak connection, watch duration and unique viewership are popular indicators among most customers to track their content traffic and level of engagement.

We have QoS/QoE Monitoring tool to collect and check stream health and availability globally.

Go Live Configuration

LabelCloud can be used in a variety of ultra-low latency streamings such as:
1) republish RTMP to multiple social media destinations
2) use SRT, WebSocket for low glass-to-glass latency
3) NDI® workflow in a local IP production environment
4) send MPEGTS stream in DVB standard for TV network
5) add redundant streams for fail-over scenario
6) and more...

Dynamic VOD Packaging

LabelCloud is constructed for delivery network with powerful origin and edge servers. Live stream from external cameras or pre-recorded files are converted into VOD Playlist with Adaptive Bitrates and Resolution. As a result, reducing network resources by delivering the contents closer to the end-user devices or platforms.

Paywall Protection Control

Protect intellectual properties from potential piracy and hacking. We used pre-defined rules like SSL certification, geo-block, domain-lock, hot-link signature and other control handlers to encrypt the transmission and prevent videos from re-publishing illegally.

Server-Side Ads Insertion

Monetise your live or on-demand video with SSAI framework. With tools like SCTE-35 markers, VAST, Google IMA, Google DAI and basic ads rolls, we can personalised promo or teaser into video streaming via custom business logic per connection.

Customisable player functions

LabelPlayer is a professional online video player with many under-the-hood advance features. Besides Picture-in-Picture, our player can auto detect if the active stream is ABR ready and select the correct rendition according to network condition. We can also set up VOD stream with watermark, thumbnails over progress bar, chapter markers, close captioning and multi-languages. 

Low latency video playback

Bringing your audience live stream quicker than ever. LabelPlayer suite support popular streaming formats like HLS, LL-HLS (fMP4, CMAF), MPEG-DASH. SLDP for low latency playback on HTML5 enabled browsers. LabelPlayer also come with features like synchronised playback so there is no lagging between multiple devices.

Responsive skin

Bringing content to life better than before. LabelPlayer is designed for the best possible experience and feel on every device and web browser. Video container and its elements fit perfectly into any screen size for end-user applications.

Video Sharing

Sharing options are configurable to link the original video URL through permalink, embedded iframe, or social media. Related Videos is another sharing option where associated video feeds can be share within and at the end of the original video.

Embeddable player

Enhance Videojs framework with LabelPlayer widget on your own website or microsite. No software installation is required. Code snippets are provided to insert into your source code for easy implementation.

VR/360° Video

Experiencing 360° perspective on mobile phones with gyroscope and motion acceleration sensor. Our player supports file based and live stream for direct playback from Chrome/Safari browsers without 3rd party plugins.

Broadcast Hybrid Streaming

- Label Broadcast specialised in fully managed service for onsite encoding to OTT origin server or any custom URL
- Satellite space segment and turnaround transmission 
- Live sports and news delivery, monitoring and support

Mobile Video Encoding sales & leasing

- Multi-SIM 5G cellular bonded broadcast encoders
- SRT Multi-Protocol Network IP encoders and decoders
- HD DVB contribution encoders
- Full-service broadcast and hybrid virtual studio service

Tailor-made LabelCloud 

Our experts help content owners, broadcasters to build private media server and network from scratch to hatch based on LabelCloud architectural design. Overall, we provide documentation, onboarding and 24/7 support to complete a trustworthy service.

4G Mobile Bonded Router sales & rental

- Avoid tapping premise LAN and IT infrastructure
- High-speed mobile internet connectivity
- Cloud De-bonded Server as a Service
- Data SIM card bundle with Label Services
- Professional support

Label Video Platform custom micro-site

A value-added service for our customers, our web development team create event information and live viewing website included with landing page. This can be designed either on or ready to install on customer's own domain to draw audience for brand awareness.

LabelPlayer Widget

Another value-added service from Label Broadcast. LabelPlayer plugin can be easily adopted on 3rd party domain with a few lines of code snippet in public facing html source. Our web enhancement team is happy to assist and implement LabelPlayer based on customer's business logic.


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Public Transport

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Mac OS

Compatible with today’s top browsers and OS







Label Broadcast Video Access

With strong background in broadcasting, we develop and integrate 
high quality video architecture concept to enhance streaming experience as a whole

Global Video CDN

Live streams across international borders including China to a scalable size audience, on fast and reliable IP network

Video Hosting

Host your own video online securely like a professional, come with enhance monetising, analytics features

HTML5 Player

Enhance viewing experience and attract more traffic to your digital content anywhere with our embedded player widget

Event Helpdesk

Our Support make it easier for our customers to reach out for priority assistance during mission critical operations


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