VidTech Full HD
NE100P / NE100PS Network Video Encoder

An advance Full HD network encoder featuring Multi-IP Protocols encode capability including SRT and NDI. Our engineers have made great improvement over its video processing performance that result in smoother picture quality. VidTech Quad-Core encoders could concurrent deliver a single stream to four different destinations, this enables affordable and reliable video acquisition in low latency streaming over unmanaged Internet environment. These portable encoders come in HDMI or HD-SDI models.

Label Broadcast VTB NE100P
VidTech VTB-NE100P size compare with mac

Size Matter 

Pocket Size Streaming Encoder

Amazingly VidTech Network Encoders are about the length of an adult's palm; making them handy to pack for any job without worrying about excessive weight and space.

Moreover, they are light weight on power consumption and reduce your electricity bills. 

Ideal to use them to encode live video to multiple social media platforms, Adaptive Bitrates (ABR) HLS video, video blog, eSports, e-commence, webinars, or other video repurposing. 

  • Rugged Desktop Design
  • High Quality Metallic Finish 
  • Minimal Light Weight Design

Hardware Based SoC System

Energy efficient System-on-Chip (S0C) chipset design which automatically compute the required hardware acceleration (such feature is normally not present in software encoder) result in faster video rendition.

AVC / HEVC compression

Conform to industry compression standard using MPEG4/H.264 AVC and H.265 HEVC up to 1080p60 format. You will be pleased to get full HD quality video on a small budget.

User Friendly Interface

Simple Web User Interface (WebGUI) that support remote control management. A single master control operator can manage the encoder anywhere with internet access, result in better resource planning.


Support a wide range of open source internet protocols such as SRT, RTMP(S), MPEG-TS, FLV, RTSP, HLS, RTP/UDP, Multicast/Unicast, NDI

SRT Ready 

Label Broadcast is an official VidTech reseller and a current member of SRT Alliance since 2021, we support Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol in our VidTech standard workflow. This allows us to encrypt signal and ensure better packet recovery occurred in the internet video contribution process.

Bundle with our 4G/5G network bonding router and LabelCloud relay server, we could yield pristine quality in video transmission over the unmanaged internet for our esteemed clients.

Simple GUI design

VidTech VTB-NE100 GUI

High-Performance Video Encoding in Compact Form Factor

Support a wide range of video resolutions from SD to FHD. Applying and adjusting the settings is intuitively using the GUI over local network or remotely over internet with Static IP address. The outgoing streaming status is monitor in real-time without losing track of its performance. 

VidTech NE100P/PS now come with hardware option to encode in NDI within a local network. Together with ND200PD, our clients avoid the hassle to lay long SDI cables connecting their cameras and servers.

Label Broadcast NE-ND Sample Workflow

With our recommended workflow, we could consistently accomplish reliable low latency for live streaming across different regions or continents; our viewership size can be scalable accordingly.

Connection Interface

Each device comes with HDMI 2.0 port or HD-SDI port depending on the model, Gigabit Ethernet port, 12V 2A DC power and 3.5mm audio input. Optional Wi-Fi input

Plug-And-Play installation

Setting up the device simply plugging in the power source, CAT-6 RJ45, and HDMI/SDI cable. For external audio, there is an additional 3.5mm jack.
HDMI, SDI, RJ45, audio cables are sold separately.

VidTech VTB-NE100P Connection Interface

This model is specially designed for professionals who are on the move or broadcasters that require alternative solution for transporting video feeds for remote production (REMI) or video monitoring. It's small, light weight (350g) and cost efficient; it's a piece of remarkable engineering.

VidTech VTB-NE100P-PS dimensions

Specifications : NE100P / NE100PS


Video Encode

Audio Encode


Compression: H.265 / H.264 / MPEG2 / MJEPG / AVS / AVS2
Video Bitrate: 0.1 ~ 32 Mbps
Video Bitrate Control: CBR / VBR
FPS: 1 - 60 fps
Resolution: Max support 1920 x 1080 progressive @ 60fps
Audio Format: AAC / AC3 / MP3 / MP2
Audio Bitrate: 12 ~ 640kbps
Sample Rates: 44100 / 48000Hz

4-Core SoC video chipset (1xMain Stream & 3xSub-Streams)
H.264 in High/Main/Baseline Profiles
H.265 in Main Profile
MJPEG/JPEG Baseline Profiles
Support non-standard input resolution e.g. 1280x800
Support text and non-animated image overlay
Optional Wi-Fi add-on




Video Input: 1x HDMI (NE-100P model)
                      1x HD-SDI In & 1x HD-SDI Loop Out (NE-100PS)
Audio Input: HDMI or SDI embedded audio (Left/Right)
                      3.5mm Analog Stereo Left/Right

1,000 Mbps, RJ45

Management System

Mac / Windows / iOS / Android


Web Base Management, HTML enabled browsers e.g. Safari / MS Edge / Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Opera
English / Chinese console interface

Power Requirements

Adapter AC Input
Adapter DC Output

100 - 240V @ 50/60Hz
12V 2A
5 Watt

Working Environment

Operating Temperature
Relative Humidity

-10 to 70 degree Celcius (14 to 158 degree Fahrenheit)
5% to 90% non-condensing

Physical Dimensions

Length x Breadth x Height

170 x 110 x 30 mm
Approx 350g

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